TRN101A22 Woodturning with Matt Monaco


You will learn:

  • The basics of lathe use and tool selection
  • The fundamentals of tool usage, theory, and application
  • The necessity of properly shaped & sharpened tools
  • What makes a well-designed piece for better all-around craftsmanship
  • How to properly execute fine hand-turned detail on vessels
  • Production methods to produce a variety of shapes
  • How to practice for consistency
  • How to develop your own eye for form
  • Finishing options for turned objects

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Experience the excitement of creating, shaping, and making objects on the wood lathe.

Professional turner Matt Monaco will introduce you to the tools of the trade and their ideal applications — as well as demonstrating how turning can also help develop all of your hand tool skills across a diverse range of tools.

We will focus on the most important foundations of good technique: how to develop fine tool control and proper body mechanics at the lathe; how to properly shape, sharpen, and use your tools; and how to practice for maximum effect.

In addition to the basics, you will learn how to choose and use specific tools for both side and end-grain projects, and how to develop your techniques to produce higher quality lathe work.

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