Sharpen Your Handsaw


February 25 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm March 10. Class is held 3 consecutive Tuesday evenings.

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Schedule: The sessions will be held on 3 Tuesday evenings, Feb. 25, Mar. 3 and Mar. 10. from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Sharp cutting tools are essential to precision woodworking, and yet very few woodworkers know how to
sharpen their own hand saws. And for good reason: it’s tricky! There is so much confusion surrounding
the process that even many professional craftspeople send their hand saws out to be sharpened. It’s easy to
be overwhelmed with terms like fleam angle, rake angle, jointing, crosscut teeth, rip teeth, mill file, file card, triangle file, shaping, and setting.
However, learning to sharpen your own saws is both possible and worthwhile because it will ultimately
save you time and money, and put you in control of your own tools.
But this is not a skill you can learn from a book or video. You must practice with an experienced teacher.
That’s why we have invited Master Craftsman Randy Gengarelly to lead this special workshop in Saw
Sharpening. Randy keeps his own tools in tiptop shape and he will guide us through the sharpening maze
like a stroll through wonderland. Come along for the fun!
This is a three-week course, with class one evening per week, followed by six days to practice what you’ve
learned. In the next session, we will discuss and diagnose any problems you might have encountered along
the way.

During this course you will learn:

  • terminology and methods for sharpening saws
  • what files do you need
  • how to make jigs to use with the files
  • how to make a saw vise
    how to sharpen rip teeth
  • how to sharpen cross-cut teeth
  • how to add “set”, and
  • Randy’s tips and tricks for sharpening successWe encourage you to bring your own saws but we will have additional saws available for practice.