RPF101C21 Repairing the Finish


Mar. 6 and 7

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Two action packed and exciting days!

Tom Licurgo is a master finisher and has specialized in Finishing Repair for years.
In this workshop Tom will take us through the magic of finishing repair.
Finishing is an essential part of every craftsmen’s skill set. Yet many concentrate on the building and leave the finishing as an after thought.

Just as important is the skill of repairing a finish from new finishes to finishes on older pieces you will learn some invaluable skills. Just imagine being able to repair, scratches, scrapes,
cigarette burns, discolorations, dog chewed parts, fading, water marks, fish eye, ect… Over the years things happen. How do you make a repair and not have to refinish the entire piece?

Well Tom is here to lead us through this maze.

You will learn to:

  • repair scratches
  • repair gouges
  • color match
  • repair missing wood
  • color adjustment/toning
  • sheen adjustment
  • and much more
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