MBS101L21 Mastering the Bandsaw


One of the most useful tools in the shop is the bandsaw. One of the most misunderstood in the shop is the bandsaw. Why is that? Perhaps it is because the table saw is king. It is thought that the most accurate and efficient cuts are achieved with the table saw. We Michael Fortune is here to dispel that myth. With the techniques that Michael will teach, you will have a newfound respect for the bandsaw and enjoy all the available benefits.

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The bandsaw is perhaps the most misunderstood and underutilized machine in the shop. It is like the stepchild of the shop giving way to the table saw. However, the bandsaw, properly tuned can be the workhorse of the shop. In fact, I have heard it said “if you can only have one saw, it should be the bandsaw.” A properly tuned bandsaw cis sage and can make accurate cuts. It will make rip cuts effortlessly and remove much less material than a table saw.

The key phrase is “a properly tuned bandsaw”. Many novice woodworkers do not understand how to tune and adjust the bandsaw for optimum results. In this workshop, Michael Fortune will lead us through the procedure to make the bandsaw “sing”.

You will learn:

  • how to mount the blade
  • set the blade tension
  • tune the bandsaw to make perfect cuts
  • correct resawing techniques
  • how to eliminate “drift”
  • blade selection
  • making joinery
  • and more…
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