FTW300C21 Fundamentals of Traditional Woodworking III


March 1, April 8, 6:00PM – 9:00PM

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Prerequisite: Fundamentals II or equivalent

This is the third course in our Fundamentals series, this course is for advanced beginners who wish to practice their skills and refine their craftsmanship. Students will employ various joinery and construction techniques to build a period-correct shaker style table of solid wood, using mortise and tenon joinery, tapered legs, and a hand-cut dovetailed drawer.
The table features the primary wood of cherry and secondary wood of poplar. The top will have a hand-planed bevel on the underside. The aprons are mortised and tenoned into the tapered legs, and the drawer has half-blind dovetails in the front and through dovetails in the back, the drawer bottom will also have a hand-planed bevel.  As always, sharpening and safety are stressed as we bringing all of the previous lessons to bear with some new ones to complete this piece. The table will be completed and ready to finish.

There will be additional shop time available as needed to work on the exercises.