The core of our curriculum are classes designed to engage novice and intermediate woodworkers. At least three times a year we offer a three-part Fundamentals of Traditional Woodworking series designed as an introduction—or re-introduction—to woodworking that will establish a foundation for accomplishment and mastery. We also offer regular introductory, intermediate, and advanced classes in topics such as finishing, inlay, veneering, and turning. However, our schedule also includes Master classes with leading instructors like Michael Fortune, Frank Klausz, Paul Schürch, Doug Forsha, David Fleming and others, which allow more advanced woodworkers an opportunity to refine their skills and work with contemporary masters.

We also offer special project classes, and weekend workshops which allow students to practice their skills under the guidance of an experienced professional woodworker to produce a finished work. Our school is inspired both by leading woodworking schools around the United States and by the Old World tradition of apprenticeships. We feature a variety of curricula, a low student-to-teacher ratio (most of our classes have eight or fewer students), and passionate instructors who are also among the foremost practitioners of our craft.