Who we are... What we do

We teach “woodworking” We are a group of passionate woodworkers who believe that passing on the craft is our mission. The craft of woodworking has been dwindling for many years. Evidence the number of high school schools that have closed their woodshops in recent years. In Arizona, this is particularly troubling.

So, you want to learn woodworking. Where do you go? There are many woodworking schools in the Eastern region of the country and some in the Northwest. But in the midwestern section of the country, they are few and far between. That is why we started the Southwest School of Woodworking. We are within striking distance of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and southern California. And we have been teaching students from those locals. WE have also had students from Alaska, Canada, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania

Many of our students are hobbyists and some are aspiring professionals and we welcome all. 

We offer classes beginning with fundamental hand skills. Using hand tools to develop the skills of controlling the tools to understand the behavior of the wood. The students learn marking out, joinery, assembly, design principles, and more.

In Fundamentals II students progress to power tools as well as learning the integration with hand tools. Here are completed benches that are the project for this class