Featured Classes

Turning Camp for Highschool Students
March 8 – 12
Repairing the Finish
Mar. 6 & 7
Fundamentals of Traditional Woodworking III
March 1 – April 8


Exciting News

We are  offering a special turning class just for High School Students

March 8th through the 12th.
No Skills necessary

This class will be taught by nationally know master turner Matt Monaco.

This class is conveniently scheduled during spring break and will provide students a welcome change to these trying times. Come and join this fun class and make several projects that you will be proud of.

Introducing our Newest Class

Introduction to Woodworking

This is a day-time-week long class.

This class covers a broader range than the traditional Fundamentals I course.  Subjects covered are 

  • Wood technology
  • Sharpening
  • Hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Common joinery
  • and building a table.

We are very excited about this course and the first ofering filled up fast.

look for future offerings.

The Southwest School of Woodworking is an educational organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission is to promote the craft of woodworking and to instill the concept of craftsmanship in all of our students.

Inspired by other leading woodworking schools in the U.S., as well as the Old World tradition of apprenticeship, we believe that craft is best learned through mentorship with experienced practitioners. The expert instructors at our school strive to create a welcoming, supportive environment in which to lead students beyond mere proficiency and into mastery. We keep our classes small—usually no more than eight students—and emphasize hands-on learning with a diverse array of classes for students at all levels.


The core of our curriculum is designed for beginning and intermediate woodworkers, starting with our three-part Fundamentals of Traditional Woodworking series, offered multiple times each year, which establishes a foundation of practical knowledge and aesthetic understanding.

We also offer a variety of classes focused on specific skills and advanced techniques, allowing students to gain targeted knowledge in areas of interest ranging from turning to veneering.

Our master classes bring well-known instructors from around the world to give local woodworkers an opportunity to learn directly from the most accomplished contemporary practitioners of our craft.

And our special project classes and weekend workshops allow students to develop their skills under the guidance of an experienced professional woodworker while producing a finished work of the highest quality.

No matter what kind of woodworking experience you have, you can gain more here!